Video Marketing Campaign

Special offer 49 EUR per branded video to accelerate zour cloud business | LuxCloud

There is a huge opportunity of potential customers that aren’t yet familiar with cloud services and their benefits. Specifically for LuxCloud’s Sales Partners, we’ve created 12 videos that discuss new day-to-day customer issues and the related solutions that cloud services offer. The value of one minute of video, is 1.8 Million Words, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research. Online video marketing is the single most practical use for your marketing time and energy.

The videos are available to all our resellers and for only 49,- EUR per video, we match them with your logo and brand colours. If you are interested, please contact us for more info.

Getting started

Peter needs customers

To promote his company, Peter is going to build a website. With the help of a free website builder, Peter is able to create a temporary website within no time, while his actual website is created by his nephew.

How to convert traffic into customers

To attract potential customers via his website, Peter starts an online campaign. To convert traffic into customers he adds a web form. He can now send customized offers to his newly gained leads.

Peter wants to link his contacts

Peter uses a lot of different applications (email, LinkedIn, etc.). Within every application he has got different contacts and would like to link them, to have all of his contacts centrally available on any device.

Optimize data security

Peter's computer crashed

Peter is upset, because his computer crashed. He did not see it coming, so he is afraid he lost all his important documents. Luckily, his friend Paul tells him that his files are all saved because of Online Backup.

Peter wants to secure his emails & files

Peter does not want the whole world to read his emails and files. With the Open-Xchange Guard he can now encrypt both his emails and his files without any technical knowledge, with one click!

Peter does not like SPAM

Peter does not like to receive SPAM emails, nor does he want his companies domain name being blacklisted. That is why he uses SpamExperts, which comes for free with every mailbox he creates.

Connect everywhere

Peter works in the cloud

Peters’ computer breaks down during a summit he’s attending in New York. He needs to give a presentation and can luckily borrow a computer. But how to access all his important documents?

Easily connect with his team

Peter is always on the phone with his team, who are spread out all over the world. He is looking for a solution that links his employees everywhere and anytime in an easy to use manner.

Manage social media accounts

Peter’s customer Emma wants to manage her multiple social media accounts. She has content she wants to post for all her clothing stores, but she also wants every store to have its own identity with local news and deals.

Peter goes on a world tour

Peter is now a successful entrepreneur. It’s time for a well-deserved holiday!