Sell cloud services as part of your Autotask portfolio

Offer your customers an attractive portfolio of new cloud services with LuxCloud’s Autotask integration. 

Increase your revenue, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and save time with our new Autotask portfolio integration. It synchronizes your Autotask and LuxCloud product portfolios, automating new product or license orders and sharing CRM information across platforms, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Pick and choose any cloud products from LuxCloud’s growing catalogue, including Microsoft Office 365 and related add-ons to website hosting, domain names and social media managment tools, to enhance your existing cloud offer. In addition to product provisioning, you can also take advantage of different technical support options, as well as product and marketing resources to accelerate your sales.

Start offering new cloud products with our Autotask integration

Key Features

Get started quickly and easily

Our team will quickly connect your LuxCloud and Autotask accounts so you can get started right away.

Provide added-value to your customers

Offer your customers a wide range of cloud products and services, including Office 365, email backup and tracking, website domains and hosting, social media tools, etc.

Benefit from the integration of two powerful platforms

Take advantage of all the features of your Autotask account while being able to provision new services through LuxCloud’s user-friendly platform.

Bundle with your existing services

Make your brand even more attractive by bundling new cloud products with your existing IT services.

Offer your customers guaranteed uptime

All LuxCloud services come an uptime guarantee, with a financially-backed service level agreement (SLA).

Enjoy a quick go-to-market

Access our library of white label marketing materials to start selling quickly.
Start offering new cloud products with our Autotask integration