Structure with Team Foundation Server 2017

Stay productive from wherever you are with team foundation server. It allows you to fasten the process while writing codes, planning and releasing software. Divers repositories like GIT are possible!

An affordable solution with no upfront investments needed, the Team Foundation Server environment can be customized with business-specific software and add-ons to create a comprehensive remote workspace for any SMB.

Cloud Desktop

Perrit offers a fast time-to-market solution for cloud business applications.  Order today, start working tomorrow with TFS! Don’t forget to sign our service management agreement.

Key Features

Get started affordably

No investments in hardware or software licenses, maintenance costs or version control are required.

Be location-independent

Divers repositories like GIT are possible!

24/7 secured data

All data is backed-up daily and the server as well as installed software is updated frequently for maximum security.

Replace your paperwork

Add all your projects in TFS to ensure you’re fastening the processes, and enjoy lower costs and simplified billing.

Fully customizable

Customize your TFS with extra core per VM, extra personal or shared storage, and regular data backup.

99.8% guaranteed uptime

Ensure you always stay productive with guaranteed uptime as well as 24/7 breakdown support.