Professional Email Security Solution

SpamExperts provides professional email security in the cloud or on premises, with accuracy, efficiency and user-friendliness. The two key services include incoming filtering for spam/viruses and outgoing filtering for IP reputation.

You remain in full control of your solutions, while SpamExperts takes care of managing email security issues, offering complete peace of mind through redundant and fully managed email security systems, all available in the cloud. With the implementation of SpamExperts you save costs that may occur due to spam attacks, viruses or malware.

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Key features

Immediate detection of new spam outbreaks

Secure your network from spam, virus, phishing and malware attacks.

Increased email continuity

Add redundancy and continuity to your email delivery process.

Periodic spam reports

Status updates through a comprehensive log-search tool with advanced quarantine options.

Avoid being blacklisted

Ensure your network doesn’t send out spam without your knowledge.

Improved employee productivity

Employees don’t have to deal with daily spam messages anymore.

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