Secure your website

SSL certificates ensure that your website can be accessed in a secure way. If there is exchange of sensitive data between your website and its visitors, it is advised to use SSL on your website. RapidSSL is an  industry   standard   128/256   bit   SSL   certificate, and an ideal choice for securing new, small and medium-sized businesses. It is an affordable, domain-validated certificate and is usually issued within minutes to protect transactions 24/7.

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Key features

Strong 256-bit encryption

Strong 128/256 bit encryption, industry standard SSL.

99+% browser recognition rate

RapidSSL Certificates: recognized by 99+% of browsers.

Automated online validation

No paperwork necessary.

Easy to install

Through a step-by-step documentation.

30-day refund policy

30 days to try out RapidSSL.

$10,000 warranty

$10,000 warranty protects against mis-issuance.

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