A complete solution for Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure from LuxCloud allows you to provide cost-effective cloud infrastructure to your customers through a single, highly-automated platform.

With automated operations and billing, a customer self-service panel, a built-in online store and the ability to create both virtual machines and containers, Cloud Infrastructure is a complete and flexible solution for SMB customers.

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On your terms

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Infrastructure-as-a-Service Key Features


OACI offers the flexibility to instantly grow or shrink resources based on changes in workload size.

Use-based pricing

Your customers pay only for what they use, making the solution accessible and attractive.

Simple yet customizable interface

An easy-to-use interface allows SMBs to use the platform without IT expertise, but APIs are available to customize the entire environment.

Container virtualization

Create containers to deliver the highest density and best performing virtualization for the cloud.

Turnkey solution

OACI lets cloud service providers immediately start generating revenue using our hardware platform without the need for own investments.

Customer self-service panel

Customers can easily provision and administer their own cloud services through an automated self-service panel.