Carefree business with all your data safely stored

Perrit supports backups for every customer, we deliver a free back-up solution for standard services like Exchange, TFS, Project Server etc.

For NAV and CRM environments we deliver disaster recovery as a back up, the disaster recovery for NAV is mainly for the SQL server database and all add-ons in the NAV environment. The back-up server is located in the same datacenter as the primary environment. Perrit does provide an extra back-up service where the data and logs are stored in another datacenter, located somewhere else.

Perrit offers a fast time-to-market solution for cloud business applications.  Order today, start working tomorrow! Don’t forget to sign our service management agreement.

Key features

256-bit AES with private key

Easily restored backups

Easy monitoring

Automatic reports

Fully automated

No initial investment

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