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2 Nov 2018
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Run reports

Reports help you manage your progress towards your goals by helping you see how you’re doing. You can also track trends – which can give you an advantage over your competitors.

For example it’s important for a sales team to know which product or service is selling and which is not doing so well. For a customer service team, it’s important to track the average time it takes to resolve an issue.

For more information on organizing and creating reports, see: Customize and organize reports and Introduction to reporting & analytics

To run a report

  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Choose the report you want > Run Report.


    In Report Viewer dialog box, you can leave the search criteria as is, or change it as needed.

    Default reports in Dynamics 365

Privacy notice

When Dynamics 365 (online) users print Dynamics 365 data, they are effectively “exporting” that data from the security boundary provided by Dynamics 365 (online) to a less secure environment, in this case, to a piece of paper.

An administrator has full control (at the user security role or entity level) over the data that can be extracted. However, after the data has been extracted it is no longer protected by the security boundary provided by Dynamics 365 (online) and is instead controlled directly by the customer.

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