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26 Oct 2018
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Quick access bar

The quick access bar is an important part of your Outlook experience. And it’s an easy way for you to move among the top Outlook features—Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks. The bar is in addition to the standard tabs and ribbons that provide you with an assortment of tools and options to help you use and manage Outlook.

Typically located at the bottom of the Outlook window, the quick access bar shows—depending on selected settings—either button names (left image) or icons (right image) associated with feature names.

Outlook quick access bar showing, by name, Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks buttons, and More (the three dots or ellipses) options Outlook quick access bar showing Mail, Calendar, People, Tasks, and More options icons

Change what appears on the quick access bar

You can control which buttons (or icons) appear on the quick access bar and even in what order they appear.

  1. Choose More > Navigation Options.
    Choose More (the three dots) on the quick access bar to view navigation options
  2. In the Navigation Options dialog box, do the following:

    Quick access bar Navigation Options dialog box

    • To change the number of buttons or icons that appear on the bar, increase or decrease the default setting of 4 for Maximum number of visible items.

    • To view icons instead of names, select the Compact Navigation check box.
    • To rearrange how buttons or icons are listed, select an item in the Display in this order box, and then choose Move Up or Move Down.
  3. Choose OK.

    Tip: If you don’t like the changes you made, or just want to start over, choose Reset.

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