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2 Nov 2018
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Import & export

To keep track of all your customer data in one place, you may want to import contacts, leads, or other record types into Dynamics 365 from other sources, such as from an email program, a spreadsheet, or your phone.


Depending on how much data you want to import and other factors, importing data may take some planning. You may want to check with your system administrator for guidance.

Contacts typically come from an email program or a spreadsheet. Read how to do this: Import contacts.

Accounts, leads and other data can come from different sources. Read how to do this: Import accounts, leads, or other data.

After the import, you may need to check for duplicates. Read how to do this: Merge duplicate records for accounts, contacts, or leads


If you want to do additional calculations or run your own reports, you can export your data to Excel. Create a static Excel spreadsheet if you want to capture all of the data at a single point in time. Or, you can create a dynamic PivotTable or worksheet, and then select the columns or fields you want to include. These articles will lead you through the process:

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