Assign a record to a user or team

2 Nov 2018
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Assign a record to a user or team

If you would like another person in your organization to handle an account or contact for you, you can assign the record to that person.

You can also assign a record to a team, or to yourself.

  1. Go to Accounts or Contacts. How do I get there?
  2. In the list of records, select the record that you want.

    In the command bar, click the More Commands buttonMore commands button, and then click Assign.

  3. If using the Dynamics 365 web application: In the command bar, click More Commands (More commands button), and then click Assign.
    < !–>
    If using Dynamics 365 for Outlook: In the Collaborate group, click Assign.

  4. In the Assign dialog box, click:
    • Assign to me

      – OR –

    • Assign to another user or team

      Click Lookup, and then click Look Up More Records. From the Look for drop-down list, select User or Team. In the Search box, type the name, click the search icon, and then click the name to select it. Click Add.

  5. Choose OK.
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